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Dpagent.exe and other DigitalPersona Pro Errors – Repair Guide!


Exe Errors | Dpagent.exe and other DigitalPersona Pro Errors

In the following post I’ll review the various errors and problems related to Dpagent.exe. As usual, by the end of this post I’ll provide a quick step-by-step repair guide. Anyway, if you encounter different errors and you’d like to share them, then feel free to do so at the end of this post.

About Dpagent.exe:
DigitalPersona Local Agent – this process file is part of the DigitalPersona Pro driver which is a fingerprint scanner shipped with HP laptops. (I think it works on some Dell laptops as well).

Common known problems:
(1) Errors when using MSN or Windows Live messenger
(2) High usage of CPU and RAM
(3) Significantly slows down PC’s performance
(4) Error on computer boot ups:
DPagent.exe – Ordinal not found. The Ordinal 2894 could not be located in the dynamic link library LIBEAY32.dll

Causes to this error:
The most common cause is using an incompatible, outdated, or corrupt driver(s) related to DigitalPersona Pro.

Repair Guide:

In case of computer lags and other severe PC slowdowns and errors

If it prevents you from properly working on your PC temporarily terminate this process file – this won’t fix the problem, but it’ll let you continue the repair process as explained in the next step.

Terminate Dpagent.exe

(2) Remove DigitalPersona from your Windows Taskbar
I know this helped several users, but again this is a temporary solution that doesn’t fix the source of the problem:

(1) Right Click with your mouse on the DigitalPersona taskbar icon
(2) Select Properties
(3) Un-tick the taskbar icon

(3) Replace outdated drivers
Check that your DigitalPersona Pro and/or your other drivers aren’t outdated. Use the following scanner – it’ll notify you of any outdated drivers. Make sure you replace all outdated drivers with their latest, certified, and compatible version.

Is the problem fixed by now? If not, then your DigitalPersona Pro driver is probably corrupt.

(4) Remove and replace your DigitalPersona Pro driver
Remove this driver and then restart Windows. Search the Web for the latest certified version of that driver. This should fix any driver corruption issues.

Tip! (Optional)
If you want, after removing that driver, run another scan via this drivers scanning tool – it’ll identify the missing driver and automatically ‘pull’ an updated replacement driver from its internal drivers database.

Submit your tips, feedbacks, and comments!
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